Looking to buy a masonic gift for a freemason? Giving masonic gifts is not unusual, but is a standard practice. We have a wide range of products for you to look through and pick a suitable one. Being a leading supplier of Masonic Regalia, we have everything for a freemason.

You can choose from different categories like - handmade items, personalized products, traditional regalia and many more. From cufflinks to gloves to bracelets and pocket watches - you will have hundreds of Masonic gift items to choose from.  

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Master Mason Blue Lodge Pocket Watch - Square and Compass G Jewelry Gift Set

Member Price: €22,46

  • Watch Set A
  • Watch Set B
Master Mason Blue Lodge Wax Seal - Square Compass G Stamp

Member Price: €16,76

  • Only head
  • Head with handle
  • Head with handle 1
  • Head with handle 2
  • +14
Master Mason Blue Lodge Wax Seal - Square Compass G Deluxe Wood Handle

Member Price: €24,26

  • One set
  • One set 9
  • One set 10
  • One set 11
  • +1
Eye Of Providence Clock - Silent Non Ticking


  • No Frame
  • Metal Frame